Explore the possibilities of our ERC-20 Crypto 9 tokens

We are a proponent of technology and digital economy. Our ERC-20 utility Crypto 9 tokens were created to support multiple applications.

Initially, the tokens will be used as customer rewards whereby our customers can redeem points earned from purchases for Crypto 9. Tokens can also be earned by community participation such as marketing and promoting our products, support our causes, or participating in organized sport events, etc.

Eventually the tokens can also be used to pay for purchases. Once our tokens are listed on public exchanges, they can also be traded.

In the future, Crypto 9 can also be used as a mechanism for business finance whereby the tokens are backed by assets such as crop, inventory or equipment and presented to investors for funding.

Additionally, Crypto 9 can be used as long term investment vehicle whereby certain assets such as real properties or businesses are tokenized and sold as investment units. Owner of such units can earn income from the assets as dividends and share of profits when the assets are sold.