As we wind down 2022 and getting organized for 2023, we wish to provide a brief update on our general plan for the near term.

General Plan

As the result of the pivot, Wanderport’s main focus is in the areas of automotive, green energy and manufacturing. We plan to create values in these areas by growing organically and/or acquiring equity stakes of established companies in these industries.

Our value proposition is consolidating companies primarily in Southeast Asia that are involved in the sectors mentioned. Our strategy is to acquire the entities, fund and scale them to capture additional market shares in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Our involvement in the auto industry will primarily be the areas of components and accessories. Our entry into the industry was made by acquiring a minority stake in OZ Leather JSC who produces leather products for vehicle interior. We have been actively working with them to update their website, sales and marketing materials and product line. Our goal is to position OZ Leather as an international company. They are currently the leading provider of their products in Vietnam. We plan to assist them in scaling and capturing market shares globally via direct and online sales.

We’re taking steps to be an active participant in the green energy and electric vehicle space. Areas of involvement will include but not limited to fast charging, EV conversion and electric drivetrain components such as motors, batteries, on board chargers and controllers. We have been and continue to be actively sourcing for acquisition candidates who manufacture electrical and mechanical components for electric vehicles.

Due to the geopolitical issues with China, manufacturing has been a booming industry in Vietnam. We plan to capitalize on this growth opportunity by consolidating various manufacturing companies under Wanderport. We also offer a service to source for manufacturers in Vietnam for those who wish to produce their products there.

Balance Sheet and Capital Structure Enhancement

To better position Wanderport for financing and growth, management has been working on ways to improve the Company’s balance sheet and capital structure. As part of this effort, we’re working toward securing and cancelling an additional 150M shares of Common stock. All shares are slated to be cancelled by the end of this month and will reflect in the 2022 annual filing.

OTC Markets Status

We have initiated the application process to renew our service subscription with OTC Markets and expect the Company’s status to return to Pink Current soon. Our share structure has remained unchanged since the last filing.